National Hydraulic, Inc. has become an industry leader with our widely known superior service, as well as our hands on support. Many customers are surprised at the size of our operation, mainly due to our unique customer service approach. We handle jobs of any size all in the timeframe required to mitigate downtime. Each of our highly trained employees demonstrates great pride in our 'quality workmanship'. All repairs are assessed from the disassembly process to determine failure issues; the diagnosis process involves every phase of the repair process from mechanical, machining, design to material purchasing. Every unit, whether repaired or manufactured new, under goes our quality testing program, resulting in our high customer satisfaction and product reliability.

We also offer unique on-site support (trouble shooting) for solving operational issues, in fact our managing partner Dave Hower personally leads this division with his exceptional diverse knowledge.

° 125,000 sq. ft. of Manufacturing Area
° 40,000 sq. ft. of Assembly and Testing Area
° Fully Craned up to 15 Ton Lifting Capacity
° 30 Journeymen and Apprentice Machinists
° 20 Specialty Trained Mechanics
° 5 Welder/Fabricators Certified in
° Various Welding Processes
° Engineering Service Utilizing
° AUTOCAD Software
° 3-D Modeling and Prototyping

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National Hydraulic, Inc. has an extensive machining department with highly trained operators. Our size allows us to meet our customer needs with our in-house capabilities which affords us the ability to provide some of the fastest service in the industry. We provide 24 hours 7 days a week service and work directly with our customers to achieve quality production to mitigate future concerns. We are continually adding and upgrading equipment to remain at the forefront of our industry.

We also offer high quality pump service via our designated pump service department. Our department personnel possess decades of experience which can be an essential asset in diagnosing and eliminating future operational concerns.

° 25 Manual Lathes Handling up to 60" dia. x 30'
° 8 Manual Milling Machines (Vertical & Horizontal)
° 4 Radial Arm Drill Presses
° 3 Horizontal Boring Mills
Union No. 4
Lucas No. 4
No. 5 Gtl.
° Honing 1/4" to 55" dia. up to 40' Length

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CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) High-performance computerized technology designed to produce the highest accuracy.

In many applications, the reduction of time involved to produce parts is greatly maximized resulting in lower costs to customers.

Complex machining requirements are performed with 100% preciseness and repeatability to ensure absolute quality and reliability.

° 2 Vertical Milling Machines
Haas VF-3
Haas VF-6 (64" x 30" x 32")
° 2 Lathes
2 Haas SL-40 (25.5" swing X 89")
Haas TL-2

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Our in-house welding and fabrication services consist of highly trained and certified welders. Our diversity provides for fabrication services to meet our customers needs, whether typical or specialty design. We also have specific departments to provide specialty services such as bronze overlaying, fabrication plasma & acetylene cutting, mig & tig applications, all designed to meet our customers needs.

In addition to our welding and fabricating facilities, we also offer a 25,000 sq ft area we designate as our "Truck Facility". This area is designed for specialty repair applications to all types of equipment, industrial heavy equipment, road maintenance, utility services vehicles (bucket trucks), etc. We also provide specific maintenance to customers equipment as requested.

° Miller Automatic Bore/O.D. Weld
° Plasma and Acetylene Cutting
° Accushear 1/4" x 10' Metal Shear
° Accushear 100 ton x 10' Press Brake
° 6 Miller Mig & Tig Welding Machines
° ESAB CXA Plate Burning Machine 48" x 96"

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Our in-house equipment includes a Maxiem Waterjet for precision cutting. One of the biggest advantages is waterjet's inherent cold cutting quality. This allows materials to be cut that would be burned, melted, or cracked by other cutting methods. Some thermal processes cause surface hardening, warping, and emission of hazardous gasses. In contrast, materials cut with our waterjet technology undergo no thermal stress, eliminating such undesirable results.

Water jet cutters are also capable of producing intricate cuts in material. With specialized software and 3-D machining heads, complex shapes can be produced for all applications.

° OMAX Maxiem Waterjet Cutting Machine
60" x 120" Computerized Precision Cutting

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HYDRAULIC - "Your Complete Cylinder Resource"

National Hydraulic, Inc. can meet all your cylinder requirements, from repairs or new manufactured, to OME Specifications. Need modifications? No problem as our Design Department can assist in new or updated designs. Regardless of your request, we can accommodate your needs in a high quality, expeditious and professional manner. We take great pride in our customer relationships which include......

° New and Rebuilt to OEM Specs
° Systems
° Pumps
° Motors
° Valves
° Cylinders (Hydraulic & Air)

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Regardless of the condition of items received, they will return with a completely new fabricated appearance. Our in-house finishing department will return the material to its original condition and apply paint per our customer’s specifications.

Depending on the application environment where cylinders are installed, we prepare them to not only perform, but to withstand the harsh conditions aiding in extended life. We provide silicone, sealants, rhino lining, and specialized paint depending on customer needs.

° Laping Capacity up to 24" dia
° Sandblasting
° Grinding
° Painting
° Rhino Lining

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At National Hydraulic, Inc. we believe a vital part of quality customer service includes a flexible pick-up and delivery service. We operate a fleet of delivery vehicles and trailers capable of meeting customer wishes; in addition we secure the services of a local trucking organization which assure we can meet any customer's requests.

As part of our unique customer service, our Operations Foreman personally coordinates our pick up and deliveries. He is available 24/7 to our customers to assure their individual requirements are met. Many of our trucks are operated by our salesmen; this creates a truly exceptional customer service relationship.

° Expedited Pick-Up and Delivery Services
Via Our Truck Fleet and Knowledgeable
Sales Personnel
° Our Logistics Schedules Provide Flexibility to
Ensure We Meet Our Customer's Needs.

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